Portland Oregon Area Information


Portland Oregon is a beautiful and thriving Pacific Northwest city located at the northwest tip of Oregon in the Willamette Valley, enshrouded by the impressive specter of Mt. Hood. Portland is a major center for trade, arts, and commerce. Portland OR serves as a regular destination for vacationers and business travelers alike. Vacationers are drawn to the city’s sensational natural scenery, wide-open park spaces, engaging and progressive culture, and access to top recreation highlights. Nicknamed the Rose City, Portland is also famous for its rose gardens and bountiful floral displays.

Portland is the largest city in the spectacular state of Oregon. The city runs alongside the Willamette River, and is located just south of where the Willamette and Columbia Rivers conjoin. Along with Seattle, and Vancouver B.C., Portland, Oregon is one of the great Pacific Northwest metropolitan centers. Over two million people live in the greater Portland, Oregon area. This ranks Portland as the 24th largest metropolitan area in the United States. The greater Portland area is also beautified by a series of rolling hills that allow for sensational views of the city- and of Mt. Hood, a magnificent volcano that sits slightly southeast of the city.

The temperate rain forest climatic conditions featured in Portland, Oregon make it ideal for cultivation. The spectacular rose displays in the “Rose City” have everything to do with the city’s unique climate. The climate featured in Portland OR is actually almost Mediterranean-like with its distinct dry and wet seasons. The summer and early fall in Portland is marked by clear skies and dry air. Winters and early spring are when the majority of the rains falls- contributing to the greenness of the Willamette Valley. Every spring Portland locals and visitors alike are treated to an explosion of color- almost overnight.

It is no coincidence that Portland, Oregon has a sister city of the same name in the state of Maine. This Northwest Oregon city was christened by former residents of the other Portland. The naming of Portland was actually decided by coin toss! Portland, Oregon was officially incorporated in 1851. At the time it had just over 800 year-round residents who were made up mainly of lumber industry workers. Because of Portland’s unique location close to major rivers leading to the Pacific it was deemed to have great commercial potential by the earliest founder, William Overton. From the time of its founding, Portland, Oregon grew steadily.

Residents of Portland, Oregon, like much of the population in the Pacific Northwest, put a high value on preserving wide-open green spaces. For a city the size of Portland OR, it maintains an impressive collection of sprawling park areas; some located in the very heart of the city. Just over ten years ago a bond measure was passed acquiring numerous wildlife and park areas. Today, over 8,000 acres of preserved land is forever on display for appreciative locals and Portland visitors alike. Mt. Tabor is a major outdoor recreation site in Portland; offering up stunning views of the city center and of Mt. Hood to the south and east of the city.

Unlike many major metropolitan city centers located in the southwest and eastern United States, Portland, Oregon maintains an integral balance between natural habitat and manmade structures. A trip to Portland, Oregon allows for the best of both worlds; an entertaining cultural hub nestled amongst breathtaking natural beauty. To experience all the unique beauty and cultural flare of Portland, Oregon visit our Portland OR hotels page to shop for and book a quality Portland hotel. When you’ve found the perfect Portland hotel for you, book it simply and securely from the comfort of your own home with our easy to use, fully-secure online reservation system. The charm and beauty of the Rose City awaits!